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Why Use our Network?

Our Payer Service program was designed specifically to cosolidate the highly fractured and localized orthopedic device industry. Our network covers the United States. In addition, our web tools make the process simple and efficient.

Our National Coverage

Making the connections that move healthcare forward

Order DME can provide orthopedic and other medical supplies and equipment anywhere in the United States. Our network consists of over 400 orthopedic related fitters and 1,100 independantly owned Orthotics & Prothetics practice locations.

We routinely work with all the major medical equipment manufactures which allow us tremendous purchasing power and scope of product offering. Whether you're a work comp cost-containment company or a commerical insurance carrier you can access our network at a substantial discount from your current fee schedule.

Our web tools allow your case managers to easily place orders for injured workers or patients in need of medical equipment from simple off-the-shelf bracing to complex items such as bone growth stimulators and DVT devices.